Hi my name is Ann but alot of people call me Annie or Annmarie which is my birthname, either way i dont mind. I started this blog because i wanted to share online tips and things that i have found interesting and inspiring in my life, i have many hobbies, i like to dabble in photography i have an active instagram page where i post my latest shots but I am merely a beginner who does it for fun, follow me at _anniemania_ if you would like to see my page or maybe just pop by and say hi. I like to go out into nature and explore, sunsets are my favourite time of day. I’m an artist I like to draw with fine pen when I can find the time to, I live with my 10 year old daugher and my partner who are both amazing people who I love and adore. I am always interested in learning new things, visiting new countries and just enjoying what life has to offer.