How to get organised 2018

Welcome to my page, my name is Annmarie and today I’m going to be talking about how you can get yourself ready for the year ahead. “But its already nearing the end of January” I hear you say, but guess what? it doesn’t matter. The fact that the month of January is nearly up and you spent all of November, December thinking about the wonderful new years resolutions, goals you wanted to get started on but yet they have been set aside perhaps due to the fast pace of modern life that we live in, job, parental responsibilities, fret not, it is never too late in the month or year to sit down and start making a plan towards your future goals.

I have decided to share with you some basic tips to get you ready and on your way towards achieving those desired goals, The tips that I will be suggesting are a list of tips I used to prepare myself for the year ahead and wanted to share them with you. Maybe you are like me, maybe you are terrible at remembering peoples birthdays, every year I find myself with the same problem, is mums birthday on the 2nd? or the 4th? maybe you just need a plan to prioritise your time efficiently.

But here we are you stumbled onto my page because maybe you are curious about how other people get organised and I will do my best in my tips to help you get started.

  • Organise your space people underestimate how important this step is in preparing to make plans. Getting your space clean and organised will not only give you the room to do the actual planning but will give you a sense of being organised before your pen even touches paper. Lets face it not many of us like doing chores but if the environment around us is comfortable and less stressful we can think more clearly and most importantly relax. Maybe you work long hours, try to find an hour a night or in the morning getting your space ready to begin.


  • Set a time and date to plan and stick to it. If you are serious about getting started on your goals, plans then you need to be serious about setting time to plan for them. The best time would be shortly after you  have organised your space. If you have other priorities then set a day that you will have time to do this. You can easily set a date and time in your diary or a reminder on your phone or preferred device. Pick the best time that is convenient for you where there will be no distractions so you can relax and focus.


  • Jot down your goals so now you are in a comfortable place you can start jotting down your goals or type them up if you prefer, personally I write them down in a notebook because its quicker and easier to reach as long as you don’t lose the book of course. You may have ideas pop up that you never even realised that you wanted until the time came to write it down, bullet point or number these goals so you can see how many there are, this will make it easier to read back through once you have finished, take your time and enjoy it.


  • Read back and prioritise so now you have your list, is it long? maybe a bit scary? here’s the fun bit, read back through it and decide which goals you want to get started on asap you will know which ones you want to start first because you will gravitate towards them. Number them in the order of priority, maybe you have a ‘get on top of your bills’ goal and decide that this is where you need to get started first, I know I know bills how boring but they are a real life priority and being on top of them can help you more than you realise, you choose your preferred goals in order to suit your personal needs, so if you decide you want to get fit first, or start writing a book then that’s where you should start, any goals your just not that into list them so that you can go back to them in the future.


  • Funds now this is as equally important if the goals that you are setting require funds that’s where the ‘make sure your bills are in order sets in’ make sure you are managing your money, no use planning that gym membership if you know that the direct debit might bounce “why so serious” because this is a real issue and can set us back on our goals and achievements.  If your goals and plans do not require any funding then you don’t need to worry about the money aspect then that is great so you can just get started.


  • Plan your first steps if you have a long list of goals then I recommend getting started on the first one or two, you don’t want to over burden yourself with too much at once as this might add too much pressure in and amongst other daily routines. So if you have decided you want to book that course or start those driving lessons then make sure you check your diary, work schedule, social events in advance so that you can find the best time for you to give them a call or enquire online, maybe you just want to get the ball rolling and get started asap that’s good but you have to make sure that you have the time for these new commitments.


  • Time management equally as important and I’m sure I have stressed enough already about how important it is it that you find the time to work on your goals, but that does not mean that it will be micro managed and make it boring, it just means that you can devote your 100% attention to your chosen goal at the time you have planned, if you find extra time to do more then that’s great, go for it. If you have very limited time maybe you have a tight work schedule, look at ways of how you can make time, many courses etc can be done in the evenings, if you are struggling with childcare maybe ask a family member to have the kiddies for a couple of hours a week or a friend and offer to have their children In return on a different day, this is something that you personally need to find a balance.


  • Finding the balance you don’t want to overburden yourself with too much as that will take the fun out of achieving your goals in the first place. It’s  all about prioritising and choosing what you think you can achieve first and go from there, Once you get the ball rolling and your first goal is ticked off your list your motivation will be ready for the next step. There is no right or wrong time to begin starting your goals, all you need is a plan and go from there.


I hope that some of you may of found this blog post helpful, its just a few tips to get you started and on your way and remember goals are not just for new year you can start them anytime you want.

Please leave any comments that you wish to leave and happy planning!




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